Course Number: 33

 Contact Hours per Week: 3 

Number of Credits: 2 

 Course Evaluation: Internal – 20 Marks + External – 80 Marks 


   To practice client side and server side scripting. 

 To practice PHP Programming. 

 To practice developing dynamic websites. 

 To practice how to interact with databases through PHP. 


  Theoretical knowledge of PHP Programming. 

  • This course of study builds on the skills gained by students in Java Fundamentals or Java Foundations to help advance Java programming skills. 
  • Students will design object-oriented applications with Java and will create Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities.
  • In this hands-on course, students gain extensive experience with Java and its object-oriented features. Students learn to create robust console and GUI applications and store and retrieve data from relational databases.

BCS5B09|Web Programming using PHP Course Number: 27 

Contact Hours per Week: 6 (3T + 3L) 

Number of Credits: 4 

Number of Contact Hours: 90 Hrs. 

Course Evaluation: Internal: 20 Marks + External: 80 Marks 


Knowledge in OOP & Programming