Thiscourse includes Module 3-Adsorption and Colloids

Air pollution, Water pollution, Thermal Pollution, local environmental Movements, Pollution control board.

Analytical Chemistry Mod.1

Qulaitative analysis-solubility produt- common ion efect-prediction of precipitation-interfering acid radicls-elimination of oxalate, fluoride, borate, phosphate, chromate, arsenite and arsenate.-introduction of microscale experients in inorganic and organic qualitative analysis and their advantages.

Quantitative analysis- Co precipitation and post precipitation-accuracy and precision- classification and minimisation of errors- sampling and its types

Study of reactions of cations-Lead, Bismuth,Copper, Cadmium, iron, aluminium,cobalt, nickel,manganese, zinc, barium, calcium,strontium, magnesium and ammonium.

This course includes Chromatography,Kinetics and phase equilibria